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This project was a total teardown – it was the longest, largest, most involved, and most expensive project in our portfolio. We purchased a 1,700 Sq. Ft. home located on a great large lot, in a great neighborhood of a very popular town, our intention was to add to the square footage and upgrade all new electrical, mechanical, and plumbing system, add a two car garage. We ended up reframing 95% of the home and only keeping the foundation because we found multiple issues and we wanted to redo it right and not just patch it up. It took 18 months to finish on what was originally an 8 months project, spent much more than budgeted, endured two winters without heat and a blistering summer to finish the project the right way and made us feel very accomplished at the end. Experienced agents in town couldn’t believe that such a home sold for as much as it did, but we end up making the most amount of money on the project.

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